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I have been invested in the preservation and love of Purebred dogs my whole life. Starting out with herding breeds such as the Border collies, Australian Shepherds and German Shepherds. Training and understanding dog psychology, mentoring under top performers and working in sports such as IPO, tracking, herding, obedience and agility. It wasn’t until I got a Jack Russell Terrier thrown into my life that I realized what I was missing. Cloe was my life force, tenacious, hard headed and completely and utterly like looking into the mirror. I had found my soul breed. This was the breed I wanted to dedicate my life to and start my journey into breeding and conformation, so I got my first AKC registered Parson Russell Terrier. Since then I have lead the journey competing successfully in conformation, agility, earthdog and barnhunt. My Journey didn’t end and started in dryland racing and bird hunting. The Journey with these amazingly incredibly intelligent creatures continues and have high hopes for the future.

What We Do

Boldheart Kennels is a CKC registered kennel whose heart and soul is aligned with our Parson Russell Terriers. We breed according to the AKC/CKC breed Standard for conformation type, but also concentrate on sport and working ability. Our dogs have Versatility which brings brain, drive and function to the offspring. We believe it is important to maintain their working ability and stay true to the terrier.

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