Boldheart’s Lightning Thief RatN

PLL, LOA, SCA clear DM carrier Eye cerf and BAER normal

Riptide is littermate to Glory. He has the same intense Drive and is a very loyal to me boy. He is also has no self preservation. at 6 mos old he ripped off his toe. at 3 years old he tore out 2 teeth. Everything he does is with alot of passion. He has sired 3 litters. All puppies had great coats, build and drive. Some of them are in great working homes that can handle the exercise and working needs. He lives for the frisbee and in the field is always hunting. In the house he is a good boy, calm and respectful.

Slodki Sorbet Mysia Zaglada FCI

Po comes to us from Mysia Zaglada kennel in Poland. He is our young upcoming Stud. We have waited along time to add a male to our pack, but he is well worth it. He has a nice calm confident dispostion. He was welcomed into our house and had no issues transitioning to our lifestyle. We are exciting about what the future holds for this boy. See him in the Conformation ring in 2020.

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