Boldheart’s Get A Clue SE

SCA, PLL, LOA, DM Clear eye cerf and BAER Normal

Scarlet is my wild child. This girl lives to retrieve, she has intense ball drive and thrives to retrieve on land or in the water. She is fast, focused and intense. Everything in her life is wonderful, she has a very happy disposition. She has the heart of a working dog and no earthdog den is safe with her in it.

GrCh Boldheart’s Perfect Rebel

PLL, LOA, SCA clear DM pending Eye Cerf and BAER normal

Mirra is my daughter of Glory and has her incredible mind and drive, but without the intense edge. She is a sweet, social energetic girl. Super endurance and agile, loves to hunt with her mom and uncle. She is a nice tiny package with a huge heart. She has the most amazing coat, dense and course, nice and tight and no ticking. She was BOS at CKC Parson Nationals in 2018.

Ch Boldheart’s As You Are

PLL, LOA, SCA DM clear eye and BAER cerf normal

Lulu is so much fun! outside she is speed and busy and an escape artist. She managed to get trapped in a skunk trap! She loves kids and has the most stable disposition. She always has to have a toy in her mouth and loves to run full speed around with it. She was Winners bitch at 2018 CKC Nationals and Group placing. She is my tiny baby who loves to be held and never causes any trouble.

Ch Boldheart’s Glorious ME AgN AgJ

PLL, LOA, SCA, DM clear Eye cerf and BAER normal

Glory is one of the first PRT in Canada to receive her Versatility award. She is my hardest working terrier. She is a hard headed, high energy, high drive bitch. She accomplishes everything she sets out to do. She has trained in and competed in and titled in agility, earthdog, barnhunt, dryland racing. She also bird hunts and has retrieved ducks and flushed pheasants. She is one of a kind and has the most incredible mind I have ever seen in a dog. She is not for every one, she needs a job and continual learning to harness her drive.

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